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  1. Bittern in looking for food

  2. Bittern in typical pose

  3. Bittern in typical pose

  4. Bittern in typical pose

  5. Bittern

  6. Bittern iall fluffed up

  7. Bittern takes off

  8. Bittern in flight

  9. Bittern in flight

  10. Bittern, Lake Taupo

  11. Bittern takes off, Lake Taupo

  12. Bittern takes off, Lake Taupo

  13. Bittern freezes in typical pose, when it hears something approaching in the long grass

  14. Bittern in flight

  15. Bittern caught in a drain

  16. Bittern in typical pose

  17. Bittern in hunting for food

  18. Australasian Bittern in a classic pose. Unfortunately it stands out in the lush spring growth AB1

  19. Australasian Bittern has incredible camouflage in the dry winter grass, but no so good in the spring growth. A second bird is hidi…

  20. Australasian Bittern was standing in front of the log when first seen. It took a second look to confirm it was a bittern AB4

  21. Australasian Bittern freezes behind and a Little shag drying off AB4

  22. Bittern flying away Wairio Wetlands

  23. Two incoming Australaisan Bittern AB6

  24. Two incoming Australaisan Bittern AB7

  25. Bittern hiding in long grass

  26. My eyes aren't really that close together - are they? Bittern on the edge of a pond

  27. Bittern in typical pose

  28. Bittern flies off across Boggy Pond, Wairarapa

  29. Bittern in hunting for food

  30. Bittern flying away Wairio Wetlands

  31. Bittern flying across the Wairio Wetlands

  32. Bittern flying away Wairio Wetlands

  33. Bittern flies from Boggy Pond towards the Wairio Wetlands