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  1. Spotless crake in the sunlight

  2. Spotless crake catches the last rays of sunlight

  3. Harrier Hawk flares away

  4. Spotless Crake Whangamarino

  5. New Zealand dotterel

  6. Adult Spotless Crake looks out from the raupo

  7. Bittern takes off, Lake Taupo

  8. New Zealand Falcon starts a vertical dive at an intruder

  9. Male Falcon dives past it's mate

  10. New Zealand Falcon in early morning light

  11. Black fronted Dotterel in flight - Lake Wairarapa

  12. Kereru in flight

  13. Kereru in flight

  14. Long tailed Cuckoo in flight

  15. Pheasant in flight - Queen Elizabeth Park

  16. Harrier Hawk in late afternoon sun

  17. Pheasant hiding in the grass

  18. Cock Pheasant

  19. Cock Pheasant

  20. Grey Warbler wrestles a caterpiller

  21. Shining cuckoo

  22. Shining Cuckoo

  23. Shining Cuckoo

  24. Shining Cuckoo

  25. Surprised Harrier Hawk put the air breaks on

  26. Fern Bird takes off

  27. Long Tailed Cuckoo Ureweras

  28. Gold finch

  29. Black billed Gull chick

  30. Variable Oyster catcher spears a large pipi

  31. Black Back Gull rides the waves

  32. Spur-winged Plover

  33. SIPOCs at Miranda SB179

  34. Immature Black Back Gull with a starfish SB14

  35. Starling LB136

  36. Kakariki, Somes Island,

  37. Silver Eye B50

  38. Black fronted Dotterel

  39. Juvenile White-winged black tern in flight